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The Scholarzon Proposes some Values as listed below:
Accessibility from anywhere in the world
The software can also be accessed from anywhere in the world. Due to the software being a web service, it can be accessed from any part of the world via the internet. This also gives staff of the school the opportunity to have access to information by clicks of buttons across the globe.

Reduced Processing Lifecycles
The processes that lead to the processing of data into information is rationalized hence we can get results to our information seekers faster.

Reduced costs
There will be reduced costs through higher productivity, and savings on hard copy report generation. Better customer service – responsive and personalized support with staff accessing customers over the web. The system also enables the distribution of information through remote offices nationally or globally.

Cross Platform
The SCHOLARZON has the capability of being used across various technology platforms. The software can be accessed using Windows, IOS, Android, etc as far as a browser can be installed in that environment. This means various devices such as a PC, MAC, iPad, Android tablets and smart phones can be used in accessing the software.

Artificial Intelligence
The SCHOLARZON is an intelligent system that does a lot of analysis and presents it in the form that is relevant to the user of the information. Based on the criteria that the information seeker sets, the system creates and delivers the information in the form that they prefer.

Data Warehouse
With the SCHOLARZON, information is housed for years and can be accessed anytime. In the case that a student, who completed school years ago, comes back for data, be it academic or personal, this information can be accessed despite the number of years that has elapsed.

Integrated Modules
The Scholarzon integrates all modules of management of the institution into a single system. Information Management, Accounting, Course/Subject Management, Billing and Payment, Reporting and all other relevant modules are integrated into a single system for the institution.

Short Messaging Service (SMS) Integration
The software has the Short Messaging Service integrated. This enhances communication and dissemination of information between the school and parents of wards and also general notifications. For instance, parents are notified immediately fees are paid into the accounts of their wards.

The software manages the access levels that various users of the software can have. These levels are based on the access the administrator wants to provide the user/staff and manages what s/he can see and cannot see.

User Friendliness
The software is simple to use and very user friendly. All tabs, panels, Menus are well laid out and predictive of their functions.

Scholarzon Mobile App
The Scholarzon Mobile Application furnishes parents and users of the Scholarzon with the needed information from their Schools.

Download the Scholarzon Student Portal from HERE.

Terms and Conditions for the Scholarzon Mobile App.

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