Our Sevices

Products Training

We offer our clients in-depth training on the on all the modules of our software solutions. All who matter and need to be trained on the usage of our software are provided the needed training and subsequent support. Our team provides the necessary training to the Project Management Team of all our clients.

Mobile Solutions

Our solutions have the capabilities of delivering information to the targeted recipients even when they are not online to access the information. Information is delivered through SMS and the use of mobile Apps. Information is therefore delivered in time and conveniently.

I.T Consultancy

We offer our clients all the I.T consultancy service that they are in need of. We ensure that all our clients are up to date on the current trends of technology innovation and how to appropriately incorporate them into their operations to make their business processes more efficient and error free.

Web Solutions

We offer solutions in Information Technology software for Education, Corporate and Government. These solutions are provided as web services and hence we provide the necessary web technology and services to make the use of the solution relevant.

Software Solutions

We offer software solutions that provide value to the users. Our software solutions for Education, the Hospitality Industry and the Corporate world are providing efficiency in the delivery of work schedules and reducing costs of operations. We also offer after subscription support and maintenance to make sure our service is providing you the values they are meant to provide.